Mapping and tracing journeys and memories – Workshop TWO

At the end of Workshop ONE we knew that there was an urgency to start Workshop TWO with a story sharing session before moving on to the focus of the workshop which is: mapping and tracing journeys and memories. participants parted with intimate details of their journeys and arrivals to the UK. We discussed the Dispersal System and the Housing issue in particular. During the second half of the workshop, participants produced individual maps based on positive memories of journeys they each undertook daily during a happy period of their life back in their countries of origin.

IMG_2867 copy
Waleed speaking about his childhood friends and how many he is still in touch with.

IMG_7775IMG_6353Journeys from country of origin to the UK marking each stop before arriving to the UK.

Maps produced by participants as they cognitively remember spaces and places from home. Participants strongly contested existing maps as being wrong, not been updated and manipulative of territories and border lands. The discussion was in parts centred around Palestine.

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