Mapping Creative Recovery | Final Report

This is the Creative Recovery report that bring together the project’s timeline, methodology, process and findings. It is put together by Dr Sana Murrani and Dr Ioana Popovici. Graphic layout was undertaken by Jordan Beh. All information in this report are copyright property of Creative Recovery project. If you wish to use any of the…

Celebrating together – June 2019

Associate Professor and Founder of the Displacement Studies Research Network, Dr Sana Murrani, celebrates the outcome of her research project with an exhibition of refugees’ maps and photographs. Here is a film of the Opening Night featuring Sana with the project participants.  

Exhibition Catalogue

For those of you who missed the Opening Night and cannot attend by the 23rd of June (open till 3pm), here is the Mapping-Memories-ExCatalogue-online.

Exhibition Opening Night

We had a fantastic Opening Night for the exhibition, a tally of 100 people! We worked hard on the Opening Night throughout the morning and afternoon to set up the exhibition.    

Refugee Week Exhibition – 20th-23rd June 2019

Everyone welcome! Please book a ticket by clicking on the image. Event is free! Opening Night of Creative Recovery Exhibition of work titled: Refugees Mapping Memories on the 20th of June 2019 at 5pm (till 8pm). The event is part of the national Refugee Week events. The exhibition will showcase the work of 12 wonderful…

Messages – Workshop NINE

We had our 9th workshops this week and we opened all the messages that our 12 participants have sealed in an envelope each at the beginning of the project 7 months ago. These messages of hopes, wishes and dreams, some of which did come true during the life of the project were read with pride…

I am – Workshop EIGHT

We’ll let the photographs (credit: Carey Marks) speak for themselves. Workshop 8 was about the message in the memory!

Constructing memories spatially – Workshop SEVEN

We realised in Workshop 7 that constructing memories of home through maps,  2.5 drawings, and photographs, isn’t a linear process. The complexities of recovering and relaying memories of home are as diverse and varied as the spaces and places in which the original events took place. After a while, we stopped speaking of ‘home’ as…

Personal memories of home – Workshop SIX

We worked with the participants on finalising the maps. These are glimpses of work in progress – snippets of maps. It was a brilliant process of co-production and collaboration between researchers and participants.

Decision making on content – Workshop FIVE

The maps have come a long way. The participants are engaging with the process on a very personal and detailed level. This workshop was focused on reviewing the content of the maps while reflecting on the individual memories of home that should make part of stories in the maps. We recounted how communities lived in…