Mapping techniques and scanning of photos, objects and other visual material – Workshop ONE

CRWorkshop1 web

After an inspiring series of one-to-one interviews with the project’s participants, we are now starting a major milestone in the life of the project, the workshops! We’ll be using different mapping techniques and other visual means to tell stories of belonging, longing, culture and heritage of one’s home and homeland.

Mapping roots and routes will be the focus of the first workshop. We will be layering maps and memories and we’ll attempt to use mother tongue language to write thoughts/memories/wishes to attach to the map. We are fortunate to have 12 participants who come from 10 countries and 5 different continents.

Refugees-MappingMemories_basma map
Basma during map making. Photo credit:
The participants telling stories and sharing photos of their home and homeland. Photo credit:


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